Frequently Asked Questions

The following video sites are accepted as submissions: YouTube, Twitch Clip, Google Drive, Streamable, One Drive, Twitter,,,,,,
Please avoid using Dropbox, weTransfer and Samsung cloud sharing as sometimes the links expire to view the video.
You can grab your Xbox saved clips directly from or by entering your Gamertag and copying the Video URL into the submission form.
On Desktop:
1. From the YouTube homepage, click on My Channel.
2. Copy your channel link from your web browser address bar.
3. Paste into submission form.
1. Press the SHARE button, and then select [Video Clip] to save the video clip.
2. Select an online service.
3. Select a video clip.
4. Edit the video clip. Select [Trim] to edit a video clip¡s start point and end point. You can also add comments or limit who can see what you share.
5. Select [Share].
Please email us "" with your question.

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